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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Search engine optimization services - Performance based SEO

The search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website in such a way that it gets top search engine rank. It is a major component of Internet marketing which is generally employed to create a search engine friendly website. The website must have unique content to get better rank in the organic search engine results.
Why does your website require search engine optimization?
Numerous people visit Google everyday which in turn leads to over 250 million searches a day. This is regarded as a huge market place which has over 85% organic search results and 15% of sponsored ads. Being such a giant online market place, no business ignores it.
The only approach to build your online presence where you can trade your products to your potential customers is internet marketing. From 2000 onwards, there is rapid and consistent growth in the E-commerce.
The efficient and powerful tool to build online presence is Search engine optimization
Previously, marketers used to create their brand awareness of a particular product or business tools through advertising agencies. But now, the trend has changed and all of them have shifted towards online web space to boost their sales.
Right SEO Services provides search engine optimization services with perfect results in very short and long term periods. We offer various services such as SEO, SMM, PPC, SEM, SMO, Email Marketing campaigns and Affiliate marketing.
Our team of experts is our strength who constantly focuses on innovative strategies, competitor analysis and research capabilities. You definitely get highest ROI within less time.
The major difference between us and other competitors in the market is our professional approach which is supported with above 18 year’s knowledge in understanding consumer behavior and global markets.
Right SEO services is naturally Google Friendly search engine Optimization Company which confidently believes in long term results and never adopt any kind of short cut methods.
 We are entirely transparent, for healthy and stable relations with our clients and search engines.
 We apply best SEO tools for keyword research, social Media marketing, competitor analysis and data mining.
Our commitment
Keywords with competition from 75 - 100%   - 1 and half year
Keywords with competition from 45 - 75% - 1 year
Keywords with competition from 0 - 45% - 8 Months
 On Page Optimization - 300$
 We provide best on-page optimization services which makes your website to appear among the top search engine results or first page of the search results along with desired keywords.
 We spy on 5 Major Competitors of yours with tracking their back links, keywords, traffic report etc,
Site structure - css and java errors, on page errors, and analytics report, click depth, HTML Validations, PR and Alexa status, content distribution.
Placement of anchor text and header tags, Meta tags edit, rewrite nearly 10 pages, Content edit/rewrite nearly 10 pages.
Page redirects, broken links, Implementing canonicalization, URL compatibility checks,
 Keyword density checks for unlimited pages
Violation report – panda, malware, sandbox, penguin phishing spam identifier and removal
Website trust report from WOT
Keyword report up to 200 * with scan on the relevant and hot 25 keywords
50,000 Back link report from the competitor websites with Link influence of over 30%
SSL certificate analysis
Back link removal with Link influence score of below 30%
Finally, we ensure that we make your website as 100% search engine friendly and will not violate Google policies.
We finish the project within 15 days @ 4 to 6 hours per day and guarantee fastest delivery with our expertise
Off page optimization - 250$ PM
 Our submissions are absolutely natural and manual, with submission rate of 150 per day
 Manual social bookmarking with nearly 48 networks - 1 URL a day (unique spin content)
 Article submissions - 3 articles per week with 25 best article submission sites
 Search engine submission – 90 search engines with 1 submission per month
 PDF and PPT Submissions – 3 articles per month with 15 best networks like slide,, etc,
Create accounts with 25 Social networks with building relation ships
Video and Image submissions – one video per week with 15 best video sharing sites and 10 image sharing sites.
 Web 2.0 submissions – Keeping in view of Industry, target visitors and market, we create extra submissions to high PR web 2.0 sites such as square space, wix, etc.
Link Baiting- Prior submitting we search for the most famous articles of 10 per month.
Business and local listing networks- We perform research with high PR business and also local listing networks and then submit your website.
Press release submissions – We submit one article an year for press release submission that covers Google news and also High Press release sites such as prweb, prsync, etc.
Link exchanges – We do not go for link exchange intermediaries indeed we search for the relevant sites and then submit a request mailer.
Paid directory submissions – we greatly recommend a list of about 20 high PR directories.
Free directory submissions – we choose directories which have Page rank of above 3 and 9, and submit nearly 400 directories per month.
RSS feeds and directories – we generate RSS feeds and then submit to premium rss directories.
Classified submissions – We submit sites to high traffic and responsive classified sites with unique description and titles (client should be online with us to submit in various locations)
Reciprocal link exchanges – reciprocal link exchanges must be handled very cautiously. They work well when they are handled with utmost relevancy
Blog commenting – We do post comments on various  social news sites, forums,  Q & A sites and blogs @ 15 comments per day
We follow all the unique techniques in off page optimization and ensure your website has high authority back links
Frequently asked questions
It is heard that Article submissions are dead in present days, how do you think they are helpful?
Yes, I agree article submission is regarded to be dead provided that you don’t add value to content. Unique content or content with more quality and user friendly articles are often appreciated by search engines and users.
Directory submissions in no way show results?

No, this is not true. There are few paid and free directories which are based on industry and category which give best search engine results even now. We have 6000 best directories and our submissions are successful.