Monday, September 1, 2014

Reasons for Hiring an SEO Expert

The success of SEO has provided the perfect reason for on line business to go for it. If you are into on line business then definitely you can apply optimization skills to your website. If you are not confident enough to apply search engine optimization strategies then hiring an SEO expert will be the best for you.
SEO expert could bring the right changes to your website. Alterations in the website can increase the visibility to the search engines. 

Content is an important issue in search engine optimization. Placing relevant and updated contents into the website can bring about the right solution for any on line business. You can write contents for your own website or even hire a content writer to do it. In the past few years SEO has flourished considerably to transform into an industry. SEO companies make it a point to provide foolproof support to their clients. Link building, preparing contents, blogging, submitting articles to article directories, social media campaign, reputation management and nearly everything associated with search engine optimization is dealt by the SEO companies.

The right break-through in on line business is possible only with the assistance of an SEO expert. If you want your business to succeed surely you need the best expert to perform it for you. High visibility demands that a site is well placed on popular search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Keywords need to be chosen as per the business or the product. An expert can suggest the best keywords for the business. Content creation or back links to the website need the right keyword to acquire more visibility on line. Millions of visitors are busy searching information or websites on search engines. Working on relevant keywords could make your website visible to the potential customers. This would help increase traffic to the website and on line sales. If you want a surge in on line business then SEO is perfect for you.

SEO is no longer a secret and information about it can be easily acquired on line. It’s best to employ white hat SEO techniques instead of going the black way. The past few years has witnessed a great change in Internet marketing. 

SEO has given the right reason for many businesses to have their own website. With more number of people moving on line to acquire information, having a website could further increase your chances of getting noticed. Add to that the assistance of SEO expert provides you with surefire solutions to make your business more profitable. 

The faster Internet and broadband services has encouraged more people to start their business on line. Now you could showcase your business through social media platforms such as Face book and Twitter, or even prepare an attractive video to upload it on You tube. Social media platform has further accentuated the need to go on line. An expert could suggest the best way to make your business popular and successful.

With so many SEO companies in the market competing with each other, acquiring a reputed SEO company is no longer expensive. 

An SEO expert has a good understanding of search engines behaviors and their algorithms and so they can be entrusted to work on the website. The experts can be the best help to surge ahead in on line business. Many businesses believe in pay per click to get quick results online. Hire an SEO expert to get the eventual suggestion. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Search engine optimization services - Performance based SEO

The search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website in such a way that it gets top search engine rank. It is a major component of Internet marketing which is generally employed to create a search engine friendly website. The website must have unique content to get better rank in the organic search engine results.
Why does your website require search engine optimization?
Numerous people visit Google everyday which in turn leads to over 250 million searches a day. This is regarded as a huge market place which has over 85% organic search results and 15% of sponsored ads. Being such a giant online market place, no business ignores it.
The only approach to build your online presence where you can trade your products to your potential customers is internet marketing. From 2000 onwards, there is rapid and consistent growth in the E-commerce.
The efficient and powerful tool to build online presence is Search engine optimization
Previously, marketers used to create their brand awareness of a particular product or business tools through advertising agencies. But now, the trend has changed and all of them have shifted towards online web space to boost their sales.
Right SEO Services provides search engine optimization services with perfect results in very short and long term periods. We offer various services such as SEO, SMM, PPC, SEM, SMO, Email Marketing campaigns and Affiliate marketing.
Our team of experts is our strength who constantly focuses on innovative strategies, competitor analysis and research capabilities. You definitely get highest ROI within less time.
The major difference between us and other competitors in the market is our professional approach which is supported with above 18 year’s knowledge in understanding consumer behavior and global markets.
Right SEO services is naturally Google Friendly search engine Optimization Company which confidently believes in long term results and never adopt any kind of short cut methods.
 We are entirely transparent, for healthy and stable relations with our clients and search engines.
 We apply best SEO tools for keyword research, social Media marketing, competitor analysis and data mining.
Our commitment
Keywords with competition from 75 - 100%   - 1 and half year
Keywords with competition from 45 - 75% - 1 year
Keywords with competition from 0 - 45% - 8 Months
 On Page Optimization - 300$
 We provide best on-page optimization services which makes your website to appear among the top search engine results or first page of the search results along with desired keywords.
 We spy on 5 Major Competitors of yours with tracking their back links, keywords, traffic report etc,
Site structure - css and java errors, on page errors, and analytics report, click depth, HTML Validations, PR and Alexa status, content distribution.
Placement of anchor text and header tags, Meta tags edit, rewrite nearly 10 pages, Content edit/rewrite nearly 10 pages.
Page redirects, broken links, Implementing canonicalization, URL compatibility checks,
 Keyword density checks for unlimited pages
Violation report – panda, malware, sandbox, penguin phishing spam identifier and removal
Website trust report from WOT
Keyword report up to 200 * with scan on the relevant and hot 25 keywords
50,000 Back link report from the competitor websites with Link influence of over 30%
SSL certificate analysis
Back link removal with Link influence score of below 30%
Finally, we ensure that we make your website as 100% search engine friendly and will not violate Google policies.
We finish the project within 15 days @ 4 to 6 hours per day and guarantee fastest delivery with our expertise
Off page optimization - 250$ PM
 Our submissions are absolutely natural and manual, with submission rate of 150 per day
 Manual social bookmarking with nearly 48 networks - 1 URL a day (unique spin content)
 Article submissions - 3 articles per week with 25 best article submission sites
 Search engine submission – 90 search engines with 1 submission per month
 PDF and PPT Submissions – 3 articles per month with 15 best networks like slide,, etc,
Create accounts with 25 Social networks with building relation ships
Video and Image submissions – one video per week with 15 best video sharing sites and 10 image sharing sites.
 Web 2.0 submissions – Keeping in view of Industry, target visitors and market, we create extra submissions to high PR web 2.0 sites such as square space, wix, etc.
Link Baiting- Prior submitting we search for the most famous articles of 10 per month.
Business and local listing networks- We perform research with high PR business and also local listing networks and then submit your website.
Press release submissions – We submit one article an year for press release submission that covers Google news and also High Press release sites such as prweb, prsync, etc.
Link exchanges – We do not go for link exchange intermediaries indeed we search for the relevant sites and then submit a request mailer.
Paid directory submissions – we greatly recommend a list of about 20 high PR directories.
Free directory submissions – we choose directories which have Page rank of above 3 and 9, and submit nearly 400 directories per month.
RSS feeds and directories – we generate RSS feeds and then submit to premium rss directories.
Classified submissions – We submit sites to high traffic and responsive classified sites with unique description and titles (client should be online with us to submit in various locations)
Reciprocal link exchanges – reciprocal link exchanges must be handled very cautiously. They work well when they are handled with utmost relevancy
Blog commenting – We do post comments on various  social news sites, forums,  Q & A sites and blogs @ 15 comments per day
We follow all the unique techniques in off page optimization and ensure your website has high authority back links
Frequently asked questions
It is heard that Article submissions are dead in present days, how do you think they are helpful?
Yes, I agree article submission is regarded to be dead provided that you don’t add value to content. Unique content or content with more quality and user friendly articles are often appreciated by search engines and users.
Directory submissions in no way show results?

No, this is not true. There are few paid and free directories which are based on industry and category which give best search engine results even now. We have 6000 best directories and our submissions are successful.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Create and Distribute Power Point and PDF Distributions

Power point and PDF distributions will have an excellent impact on the user than articles and answering questions, if you can create an awesome presentation of your products and present in high PR PPT sharing and PDF sharing sites like Slide share and slide serve you are likely to get the larger visitors to your website, 

we create and Present best power point presentations and distribute with 10 PPT sharing sites, 10 PDF sharing sites,  

Our Package 

Just send us the content and we will 

rewrite the content and create 3 different unique power point and pdf presentations with targeted keywords and titles 

distribute to the below list of High PR sites 

for 200$ 

List of PPT sites 

and more.... 

List of PDF distribution sites 

List of Blog directories and submission services

“We create blog and submit to best blog directories for 150$”

List of Blog Directories

Every blogger aims to gain exposure to their blog in order to increase their following and also revenue. So, once you are ready with copy free content, link strategies, descriptions and titles, you must list your blog in multiple directories. these directories are building blocks of present day SEO and provide you all the possible ways to get maximum ROI.

Directory submission sites are the major reason to get top rank in Google search engine. Now, Google is very strict and has updated its algorithm several times. As a result of this, the focus is moved towards high quality back links.

Hence, everyone must be very cautious before submitting your site URL. So, it is strongly recommended or compulsory to use only high PR directory submission website list for the site URL submission, since 0 PR directory website doesn't boost your site rankings, traffic and online exposure.

Why do you need a blog?

Every now and then, you come across several blogs on line. Though you visit them for specific purpose, there many reasons behind bloggers starting a blog. Here are some of them.

To stay in touch with several others
Get feedback from various clients across the world
To build better on line reputation
Be aware of new releases
To boost the targeted traffic
Improve search engine visibility

Why do you need list of blog directories?

To promote your blog
To gain numerous back links
Increase your on line presence
To get more traffic
To increase the number of visitors to your blog/website
To increase brand reputation in the market
To gain more income from the blog

What qualities you should look in the blog directories before submitting your blog?

Before blindly submitting your blog to a particular directory, you must look for the following qualities in the blog directory.

The directory should have only valuable and mature blogs.
It should possess concise and clear layout such that users can find out their needs in a snap
It should have manually-edited directory which reads RSS feed of your blog
It would be better if a directory also includes Google news type site which is fed by other blogs
It would be really easy for you if the directory has numerous categories such as academic, writing etc.
Directory must have easy navigation features
Make sure that blog offers powerful tools at one place
Check whether the directory has low ad-to-content ratio which leads to increase the reputation as a quality directory.
If a blog has new posts, top blogs, colorful design and innovative categories, then readers can easily get connected to it.
It would be better if a directory also includes visitor stats along with numerous listing
It should feature on-site analytics, a clean design and powerful community element.
It should possess great interface and categories
The directory must use your RSS feed address and submit your blog

Know our Mission

We started this venture to develop, create and also maintain the huge comprehensive on line blog directory catalog on web. We accept Quality blog posts and update them constantly to gain huge blog traffic and also followers.

For your convenience, we have listed some of the best and "Spam Free” Blog Directories which promotes your blog, increases website traffic and also helps you to make more money on line.

 List of Blog Directories

Get your website listed in all the above directories and boost your website ranking. The above given list is just a glimpse of the blog directories, there are some other directories also. Do you know any other sites which are not listed in the above list? Then please do comment below and we really thank you for your information.

We are going to share best directories soon. So, keep visiting our blog regularly to view the list of directories which we share with our audience. This makes them addicted towards our blog and also gains 100s of unique visitors per day.

Article writing and submission services

While coming to article directory submissions, we will submit your article to nearly Premium 100 article directories.

We charge 200$ to submit each article to 100 directories

What is the duration of the process?

It takes around 14 working days to submit each article to 100 most popular article sites

Frequently asked questions

Advantages of article submissions?

The perfect way to build permanent back links is through press release and article submissions. But the thing is that, it must be used as stated in the guidelines with Google algorithms such as hummingbird update, penguin and panda update.

Does the submission of reports will be done?

Yes, Article directory submission sites will send you mails after every successful submission. The mail includes entire information and we will submit you the report of active back links for every for article submissions
Why should I choose a submission service rather than doing it on my own?

As you face troubles in selecting the good Article directories and also creating the work is mind numbing. The most important thing is that, if you do it on your own, Google has no use of the website which is hosted under same IP address.

* Please note that this is a limited period offer and is offered only to our clients *

Low fee, more quality and 100% satisfaction is the motto on which our company runs. So, all who are planning to submit your website in over SEO Friendly directories can email us or ping us.

Here is the list of finest 25 article sites we submit

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Manual Directory submissions

Submit Your Site to PR-0 to PR9 Directories, Increase the number of your back links and experience a boost in traffic and rankings!

We have the Best list of Directories with PR from 0-9, we submit to the directories after a thorough research and advice you with the links required. You can be sure that the Penguin won’t penalize or blacklist your site!

How we work?

Research your website and submit you a report with the number of links required
We will also give you the list of directories we submit
Once the payment is processed we will start submitting your website to 50 directories or less per day

Get your report Free!

Complete diagnostic report with an overview and professional expertise advice on improving your traffic.

Why Use Our Submission Service?

Completely manual and select most relevant directories for each website submission
We don’t go speed manual submissions and ensure complete safety
We are always on the lookout for quality directories, so you can be rest assured of our updations of high quality directories
We do not use software or any automation tool.
We submit with multiple titles and description which always improve a quality submission score
Live reporting through emails- your submissions will be from new email accounts and we share the passwords for you to monitor the complete submission and approval process.

Price - 100$ PM for  6000 submissions 

Frequently asked questions

How many directories approve the link and in how many days

Most of the directories approve from 24 hours to 90 days submission period, we assume that the approval will be 40% of the submission rate – for example if there are 1000 submissions we can expect 400 approvals from directories.

Do you submit reports?

Yes, for directory submissions you will get mails directly from the directory submission sites giving you the complete information and we submit you the report with active links for article submissions
Why I need the diagnostic report?

The report we generate for your website consists of all the seo factors along with your one competitor analysis. An excellent tool for website owners to understand competitors beat them with right strategies.  * This offer is for a limited period and offered to our clients only

Quality directory submissions, manual directory submissions, best directory submissions

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to select a SEO Service company or how to hire an SEO?

As a rule, people are predictable creatures. Ask a crowd of people to think of a vegetable, and 90% of folks will answer “carrot.” The same is true for when asked about a popular tool (the majority of us, of course, say “hammer.”) This is known as the Prototype Theory, or a “mode of graded categorization in cognitive science, where some members of a category are more central than others,” according to Wikipedia.
What this means to your SEO strategies is simple: understand how people think, and then design and execute sites and content with your audience in mind. If you do this successfully, your customers will be like moths to a flame.

Why SEO Efforts Often Fall Short
Many companies approach the business of search engine rankings by creating websites and marketing campaigns that appeal to what they want, not the customer they are catering to. They then resort to shock and awe when their efforts don’t produce tangible results.
SEO is never ever about you, the company; it’s always about the consumer. The more you boast about your latest achievements, without actually providing a valuable service or solving a problem your customers have, the less likely you are to make a lasting connection.
Every time you post a social update, a new blog entry, or any example of SEO related content marketing, you should ask yourself – will my audience “Like” this on Face book? Is this a piece of content I can envision being viral? Will people comment, or even post to their social media accounts? If you’re not feeling it, no one will.

Using Social Proof to Guide Your Campaigns
Social proof is a media term that essentially describes the herd mentality, this time in reference to online social habits. This is extremely relevant in the world of SEO. If you’re choosing your keywords based on the image you’d like your company to portray, they will only do heavy lifting for you if they are congruent with the language people are currently using.
Your SEO, therefore, needs to be rooted in modern times. This is where psychology becomes so critical to your business’ success, and your marketing team should be committed to monthly research studying the latest social trends in your industry.

Practical Tips on How to Stay Current With Your Audience
No matter how smart you fancy yourself to be, no matter how much you think you know your demographic, humble yourself each month and do some homework. Trends change, and depending on your industry, trends can literally flip-flop overnight. Many marketers use their intuition, or trusted hunches, to make key planning decisions. If you don’t have data to back up what your gut tells you, any efforts you launch could be a complete waste of time and money.
To that end, here are some easy and helpful ways to get inside the minds of your customers:
Within every customer base are a handful of vocal, socially prominent users. Follow your top fans, engage with them socially, and study what common threads you see among these users.
Read top industry blogs and news sites for you niche, and draft content marketing strategies around current key issues and ideas.
Every time you’re ready to draft new content, Google the topics, and study not just the popularity of your chosen focus, but the exact phrases that appear most frequently. For example, people rarely write articles about “SEO that follows the rules,” but “White Hat SEO” is white hot. Choose your words carefully.

Don’t just assume you know what your audience wants, ask them. When your company is ready to launch a new product or service, take the time to poll your loyal users and note their advice, as well as the words they use.
Overall, remember you’re studying the baseline psychology of the demographic you are serving, and sometimes the keys to reaching them are found in unexpected places. That’s why it’s important to study the elements of your core users’ profiles. For example, if you sell chocolate through an online store, and you see a lot of your customers also support eco-friendly causes on their profiles, you now have a fabulous idea for a new chocolate bar. Let your users tell you what you should market to them, and then use your expertise to create the best of the best.

Search Engines Love Psychology, So You Should Too
In actuality, much of what constructs the algorithms search engines use to rank websites is based on human psychology. Search engines attempt to outwit those that try and fool them, so we as SEO experts must do the same with our audience. If your customers are smarter than your marketing efforts, you lose, just like algorithms against crafty black hat SEO pros.
Furthermore, Bing especially gives heavy weight to social signals in SEO results, so the more you can create a loyal active audience, the more you’ll see your rankings increase. The emphasis is on active here for a reason – people who “Like” you, and then forget you, are essentially useless. This is why you need to be witty about getting your fans to talk about you, post comments, and otherwise communicate. To search engines, this kind of viral activity is golden.
When you’re SEO and marketing efforts are grounded in a truthful understanding of the way your customer thinks, you provide your company with a solid foundation from which to create content and launch campaigns. By choosing any other methodology, you aren’t looking at the big picture.

I have realized after learning Search engine optimization course, I am more confident now in Hiring an SEO professional for my company and generate required results in time….. Website owner

With growing rate of online community, search engine optimization has become one of the important tools for any business establishment in increasing their web presence and yield results from organic search results.
With referring the above guide published by Google and following videos in webmaster central, the website owners should be able to analyze the techniques in on page and off page optimization and at the same time he realizes How the off page optimization work can be distributed to the SEO Team and gain results within a short and long period of time.
“In my experience most of the website owners and business establishments fall prey to the most  tricky SEO Professionals  and end up with losing money, I have made a few points which can be considered as check points to assess an SEO Professional.”

Points to confirm with an SEO in hiring service
1. Check the writing and communication skills and find out his written articles or if he has a dedicated content writer.
2. How is going to deliver the reports and in what duration?
3. Previous sample of works and his achievements
4. How is he presenting the site analysis? Is he creating nice story or revealing the facts
5. Does he handle too many assignments’ at a time?
 Certifications and Past expertise are preferred but not mandatory, as you can get excellent results from fresher’s who have just completed their short SEO course.
There are so many free tools available online for website owners, with proper understanding of Google webmaster tools will help a lot in applying on page optimization.

Remember the things not to do with a website
1.  Pinging URL every day
2. Directory submissions with repeated content
3. Link building with spam sites, non pr sites, and mirror sites
4. Keyword stuffing in the URL as well as in the Meta tags
5. Too much of header tags
6. Automated submissions
7. Irrelevant or bad reciprocal links
8. Irrelevant content in the pages and improper site navigation
9. Email Campaigns without unsubscribe link or bulk emailing without proper verification.
10. Commenting on forums and blogs which are not related to your website.
I love to hear Positive comments and updates on my blog.